Why I Create Brands Connected To You Only!

October 5, 2019
Posted in Brand DNA
October 5, 2019 theboss
Let me clear this up!

Every single brand I create – I create.
I do not farm work out to India, fiverr or the next dogshit graphic design house.
I research, stalk, usually sleep with one eye open when i’m diving into potential opportunities then i create brands to WIN in the micro niche markets I find. By the end of the research I know the consumer inside out so I create for them [the buyer]
I didn’t build a 7 figure supplement brand and win mens health awards from farming out the work.
I don’t have brands today making 30 mil a year in some cases cause i farmed out the work.
I do it – because it’s all in my head.
In my autistic head.
So why the fuck am I sharing this?
Because i’m sick to my back teeth seeing absolute shit being delivered to you guys, yes you good guys getting mugged of with shitty brands, shitty websites and shitty graphics in general as the work is being farmed of to places where they knock logos, crappy websites and all that stuff for peanuts.
So the scoundrel marketers make money as an over ego’ed middle man.
Jokers is what they are.
I CREATE brands that make your audience WANT your product because it’s obvious why it’s for them.
I CREATE websites that make your audience CONVERT into sales faster and that are optimized so that google sends you FREE leads.
I MAKE your brand the most obvious and CLEAR choice for the market you are after so you can sell literally ANY product to them.
FANS buy your stuff and tell everyone else.
That is all
Have a good day
Fuck you shitty experts.
Want to buy a brand and change the world? Just contact me and let’s make magic
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