What Is CBD Oil?

What is CBD, Does it get you high, What does it stand for, Is CBD oil Illegal and what exactly is CBD Oil? These CBD questions and more answered below in a simple way!

What Is CBD?

CBD [cannabidiol] oil is a natural occurring compound found in the flower and leaves of the cannabis plant [hemp plant]. Not be confused with hemp oil that comes from seeds.

CBD has a significant history in natural and now traditional medicine for the use in pain relief going back thousands of years.

CBD OIL is not marijuana. There is a misconception that medical marijuana is the same as CBD oil. Luckily that is miles away from the truth.

CBD products generally contain very low levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) THC is the compound that many will refer to that gets you ‘stoned’. 

How Does CBD Work?

Let us try and simplify this subject as much as possible. This can get really complex so stick with it!

CBD and THC interact with the body in a variety of ways; however, the main way they work is by mimicking the effects of compounds in our bodies called “Endogenous cannabinoids” [endocannabinoids]. Stick with us!

The endocannabinoids system regulates a broad spectrum of processes that affect us daily – Mood, energy, immunity, blood pressure and metabolism. It effects how we feel pain and hunger.

If this system does not work properly we ultimately get Ill and disease sets in.

CBD can slow and in some cases stop disease and illness progressing.

What is CBD Oil Good For?

CBD is a very popular natural remedy for many common ailments. So below we have gathered a list of what CBD is suggested to be good for:

1. CBD CAN RELIEVE PAIN? – CBD a component of the marijuana plant has be used as far back as 2900 BC as a pain relief.

2. CBD POTENTIALLY  REDUCES ANXIETY & DEPRESSION? – These common mental health disorders have a devastating impact on peoples lives and well-being. Studies have suggested that after a single use of CBD a focus group had significantly reduced anxiety and cognitive impairment. Studies have also showed similar results with CBD oil given to pets.

3. CBD MAY HELP REDUCE SYMPTOMS RELATED TO CANCER? – One study looked at the effects of CBD on 177 people with cancer -relates pain who did not feel any relief from pain medication. The study found that the majority found CBD significantly reduced pain compared to the use of conventional medicine.

4. CBD MAY BENEFIT HEART HEALTH? – High blood pressure is linked to higher risk of heart attack and other heart conditions including stroke. A recent study teases men with one dose go 600mg CBD oil and found it reduced resting blood pressure, compared to a placebo group.

Is CBD illegal?

Let’s get to the is CBD legal issue fast!

Yes, purchasing CBD is federally legal in the USA as long as it doesn’t contain more than 0.3 percent THC, however some US state laws have stated that you can only buy CBD if you have a prescription.

This subject is moving all the time so always check with your local authorities the legality.

However; those that are drug tested must be aware even if you product has a THC level below 0.03% the cumulative effects/usage could cause a drug test to fail.

For those that serve their countries, please do not get caught out using poor quality CBD products.

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