The Secret To Launching A Successful CBD Business.

October 5, 2019
October 5, 2019 theboss

I will keep this really short so you get the point fast.

If you want to MAXIMISE this market (the CBD market) stop thinking about cbd as a product and think about what people consumed before CBD came along.

One of the best selling supplements for joint pain AKA arthritis is Turmeric.

The majority of people know what turmeric is and what it does and already BUY it.

So let say your brand was targeting an elderly active audience (overview audiences are way deeper than that) you offer them a Turmeric + CBD product in the same form as they already use (capsules) then boom you product and brand becomes more superior

Yes you can’t make claims on the CBD but you can for the turmeric. However the press and all the shitty CBD brands make the CBD claims for you so the audiences are aware of benefits.

Now PLEASE everyone don’t go and launch a turmeric + CBD product because one you’ll be daft and secondly selling is about BRAND.

Brand is a business talking and being one with an audiences needs, wants and desires. It’s not made up or blanket coverage. It’s micro targeted to speak direct to the consumers mind. Their inner communication with themselves.

A brand is personal.

A brand is part of you!



Another factor to consider is brand name.

Creating cool CBD brand names can seem difficult when you are trying to choose a name like, however this is the last thing you want to do.

You goal is to create a business name and buy a domain name that allow you to grow as the market shifts. If you use CBD in your brand name you have just limited your ability to expand in to other NON CBD products.

But don’t worry use my brand name generator here > cool business name generator

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