The Malboro Man Will Kill You Making Your Brand Rich

February 21, 2019 theboss

Forget what you think of smoking  just look how the Malboro man was created to make a brand stand out.

Looking back now this is bonkers!!!

BUT this is GOLD!

The old adverts are the best adverts!

So let me break this down into my trust method so you can see how Malboro hit 10’s out of 10’s for brand AND how you can start to look at your brand and ask questions.

TARGETED – They targeted the cowboy, the rebel, the longhorns [they were specific and those that weren’t the above wanted to be the above and they bought the brand]

REPETITION – “Come to where the flavour is. Come to Malboro country” a repetitive slogan with the vision of a cowboy [they never swayed from this for years]

UNIQUE – The two above make them unique, but the fact they highlighted the flavour made them unique. The packet stood out the advertising stood out – UNIQUE

STORY – Again the above. The old country, the flavour the cowboy, the hero.

TRUST – Now this is hard for people to get there head around. Nowadays trust is reviews what people say on social media, behind your backs and trust after purchase from a quality product.

Back then it was the INFLUENCE of the cool men and actors that smoked Malboro. Just like when we were kids, if our trusted friends said try something we generally try it unless it was dangerous [funnily enough fags are hahah]

So back then it was influence, quality and taste that builded trust.

“Influence” yes now a days called influence marketing. Simply means getting some one who has some influence [be it 10 people or 1,000,000 people] to talk about your product and praise it… That makes sales all day long.


Welcome to the old country! Welcome to the Just Brand It TRUST method.

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