Samsung Just Punked Apple

February 12, 2019 theboss

The marketing team at Samsung have just pulled Apple’s pants down.

This is what you call SMART marketing and using others marketing campaigns against them, in a way that endears other brand users to you.

Watch Now!

So let me ask you a question?

What do you think?

Do you think that Samsung have pinned down the deficiencies of the Apple iPhone X?

Either way, what Samsung have done is allow Apple users just to question for a second why they use an iPhone.

We know Apple isn’t the best technology, but is a brand that makes us feel we are part of something, the ease of use from the iCloud to mobile phone to laptop to tablet, and the syncing with ease nature makes Apple buyers come back time after time.

But if Samsung can make just 5% of apple iphone customers switch (46.89 million iPhones sold in 2017) thats just over 2 million Samsung purchases.

As a brand you should focus as much attention on acquisition as well as retention. Both are equally as important.

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