Get the ultimate course for anyone wanting to launch a CBD brand and scale to 7 figures for FREE. Get everything you need in one complete package to launch and scale a brand beyond your own expectation in a market that has gaps you are about to exploit.

No more sitting on the side lines talking about launching, you’re getting everything you’ll ever need to succeed and future proof your family.

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What You Get


Ready Steady Go!


This is a first come first serve only. No reserves, no holding, brands and seats are not secure until investments have been confirmed, fair?

So you’re going to get “How To Launch A Successful CBD Brand” course with Matt for FREE?

PLUS exclusive access to his private group where you will scale your business beyond the competition?

EXTRA. You don’t even know me but you’re going to get access to my VIP brand building mastermind group for 12 months 100% FREE.

Now I’m not going to over sell this value above even though it’s $5000+ before you get a brand. I want to get into the exciting stuff.

We are about to give 1 hungry entrepreneur the opportunity to get all the above for absolutely ZERO when you invest in a Ready Made Brand.

Brands that have been researched and designed to find the gaps and the gold [profit] in the CBD industry right now.

The opportunity that will make you stand out and get you instant attention.

Most have the skills to build a business, but most don’t have the knowledge or the creativity to grab instant attention and more importantly profit.

We’ve just solved those problem.

What do you get apart from the above?

You get a ready made brand with over 20 hours of research and 10 years of market experience backing it up, oh and an award winning brand creator.

You’ll get an iconic brand name, brand icon, domain name, HERO product label, Social media branding and FULL copyright ownership off all designs. You get a brand that finds the gaps in this exploding market and maximises them.

So here are the failure points of most CBD businesses.

– Brand looks weak and has no character [problem solved]

– Fail to launch a CBD business correctly [problem solved]

– Launch then do not know how to scale [problem solved]

So whats the catch?

There isn’t one we are making this cost neutral for you. We are giving you the $5000 of coaching, support and training for FREE, ZERO, NOTHING.

The opportunity investment is in the BRAND and each brand is valued at $6000 which if I’m honest is pennies when you look at where you’ll be in 12 months.


ONE opportunity  that want to FIND THE GAPS [aka the profit] in the CBD space and grow a business of substance.

A World Class Brand

A brand that has been created to become a global leader as it connect directly with the consumer. We only create brands that maximise opportunity.

Iconic Logo And .com

Your world class brand comes with a professionally designed iconic logo and .com to ensure your brand gets attention when seen.

FREE Course & Bonuses `{`$5000+`}`

Complete course from idea to launch. Everything you need to scale to 7 figures. PLUS extra bonuses

Full Copyright Ownership

Once you take ownership of your new brand you will have full copyright ownership of name, domain and artwork sent during transfer.

100% Money Back Guarantee

No hidden fees, absolutely nothing. We guarantee your domain and logo delivery or your money back.

Exclusive Access

Access to Matt’s extensive manufacturing network.

Full VIP Access

As a brand owner you will get 2 months VIP access to the Just Brand It VIP Facebook group. The VIP group has everything you need to learn how to grow and scale a brand organically [worth $1499 annually]

Brand Power Call

As a BONUS you will get a 60 minute call with the bossman himself Paul, to ask any question and get full no BS responses [valued at $599]

The Power To Win

You’re not buying a brand you’re investing in an opportunity that has had over 30 hours of research and design to ensure you have all the tools to enter a market and get traffic and sales.

What happens After ‘Buy Now’?

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We Contact You Personally

One of our awesome team will contact you and walk you through the transfer process and course.

Brand Ready

We are with you all the way until you have full ownership of the brand. We send you a world class brand and then we instruct on next steps for the course.


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