MVMT Watches 300 Million Dollar Buy Out!

February 11, 2019 theboss

There is a reason I’m always banging the brand micro niche drum (super targeted brand) and MVMT watches is the prime example.

Begun in 2013 and empowered by crowd funding, MVMT’s watch line offers minimalist design. The LA-based company is incredibly strong in social media, and today has a global community of more than 1.5 million MVMT owners.

They started with MICRO NICHING with watches to a very specific demographic. Yes they would of carried out a CVP (customer visualisation persona), well that’s what I call it anyway. They would of known exactly who their customer was, then would know that person inside out (when we say that person, they would of created an CVP or avatar in other circles – a single dream human being)

They then build a cool business around that one person and stylish shades for that one person.

They built a social following and 1.5 million million movement owners.

Why? because they have a cool company name or one of the best names for an ecommerce website?

No, they are a brand!

Now here’s the GOLD.

1.5 million watch owners. Rather than sell them more watches which 40% will probably buy anyway let’s sell them sunglasses which let’s say 50% buy.

You’ve just created 750,000 purchase of sunglasses.


All this can only happen if you micro niche right at the start. Sell a singular product to a very specific customer (this is where 80% of brands fail – do not have a clue who the customer is) once you grow your brand will naturally attract customers that are not your target.


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