Gym Shark Owner 100 Million Dollars At 26

February 11, 2019 theboss

How did a 26 year old take an idea to 100 MILLION in 6 years?

Ok before we get into this I want you to remove everything you think you know right, but associate what you know right now with what I tell you.


Remember even though Gym Shark was started only 6 years ago social media was 1000 miles away from what is today.

And I want you to know Ben Francis the owner of the Gym Shark brand is no different to you or I, he just nailed his niche and grafted his as off the right way.

So Ben started life at college creating a website that sold number plates, that wasn’t profitable enough and as a fitness lad saw the opportunity with iphone apps and created a couple of fitness apps got him some leads and emails, but still wasn’t the money maker he wanted.

So Ben then thought I WANT to sell gym apparel but had no money to buy stock – PROBLEM!

Not for the Ben. The first thing he did was create a brand [logo, ethos, mission and all the jazz I go on about].

He then built a website that allowed him to sell drop ship supplements [to the noobs drop ship is where you sell someone elses product [higher] and when an order is made via your website they deliver and you cash the profit]

And this was the start of GYMSHARK a website for all supplements, apparel help etc.

Now ben is making profit dropshipping supplements AND building brand fans at the same time.

***KEY: dropshipping and building fans at the same time via social media***

Ben realises he still can’t afford a large apparel order for mass stock, but realises he can purchase a print press and start bespoking apparel himself with the profit from the dropshipping.

Now Ben is making custom Gymshark apparel focusing on the stringer vests.

At this time Ben watched youtuber bodybuilding videos and admired the channels so much he would interact with youtubers [these is way before youtube blew up] and get them wearing apparel, I did the same with my brands back in 2012.

And guess what happened? He couldn’t fullfill fast enough.

Here’s why this was genius – At the time no one was utilising the virtually free marketing from partnering up influencers.

They call this influencer marketing today, but back in 2012 it was just sending free kit and BONDING with the influencers.

So from then on he kept BONDING and engaging with the influencers and audience.


At the time there was a movement of ‘natty’ [natural – means they were not lol] guys posing in the gym. This was a huge wave and Ben targeted this market perfectly.

Ben kept making cooler apparel, connecting with more influencers and created a fan base like an army.

Now 6 years on he’s about to turnover a 100 MILLION in one year!

What you should take away

  1. Always start with a brand to build fans [fans will make you millions]
  2. Dropshipping is a great way to make profit and get niche focused buyers if you have a brand in place
  3. Get people [influencer or fan] loving your brand and telling everyone about it
  4. Don’t be limited by your ignorance! Ben couldn’t afford apparel at the start, but today you can ON DEMAND print so there are no excuses.
  5. You have more softwares and tools than Ben had so you have no reason not to go all out.
  6. BE FUCKING CREATIVE – Same is dull as fuck

Now its time to START

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