Get $300k+ Worth Of Free Traffic A Month

October 9, 2019
October 9, 2019 theboss

You know why paid traffic always TRUMPS organic in the mind of a business owner?

Because it’s instantly measurable prior to campaign launch and looks and feels as sexy as f***!




Clicks to website







Audience demographics


Holy shit it all sounds so SEXY

“On the outside of the box” It’s like a fucking all you can eat buffet both for clients and Ad experts

However, “open the box” spend the money, time, resources and you soon find that reach and impressions are possibly the only metrics they provided up front that come close to being accurate.

But here is the major problem.


Yes your audience, they hate them.

And when they logged in to their fb they were not at all interested in your wanky product!!!

However that click to your site is boner material for google bots….and that’s it because I guarantee most of your ad spend and conversion is poor.

Remember Ads on FB, insta, Twitter are all highjacking someone’s day. Annoying them 9/10 times when they are trying to socialise.

Ok, let’s say you spend 10k a month on Ad spend. You generate 50k revenue and after product costs etc you make 20k.

Not bad. But the reality is net profit is almost break even.

Organic search isn’t sexy what so ever. However here’s a thought. There is a CBD brand most of you have never heard of and they according to google are getting $83k a month worth of traffic (the value if it was ad spend CPC).

Now that 83k value is too low as you can’t run ads so google have estimated based on similar markets. Now if google opened up its platform to the CBD market the cost per click would be way higher. So effectively said brand are generating $300k WORTH of traffic (would cost) per month for FREE!

And the BEST thing is and something you need to wise up to is this….


Because the traffic is searching for what you sell.

No way the f*** do you waste time learning Ads, especially in the CBD space, when you can’t run them. Fuck the work arounds!

$300k+ worth of free traffic a month that sounds sexy to me.

You know its time to launch a brand…..










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