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Phil James Newman

Paul is a straight up, no BS coach. A wealth of knowledge can be learnt from this man in a short space of time and most importantly, stop you wasting money on unnecessary stuff for your business.

Stephen Black

Straight to the point, no BS content. Paul tells it like it is but his intentions are to help everyone succeed. If you show your willingness to take action he’s a great asset.

Sylvia Hall

It’s loud online. That’s why it’s so important to know that I have a few solid people who I can trust to help me grow my brand. Paul Booth is one of those people. Thanks Paul.

Trevor Kay

Paul is a true expert that loves to share his vast knowledge of branding.I love this no B.S. style as it really helps get to the route of where my business brand is failing. I would recommend taking Paul’s advice (and joining his community) to anyone that wants to truely learn about branding to launch or expand their business.

Malachy kelly

Paul knows his shit.
Pay fucking attention.
Not just to what he says in his groups, but also to what he does himself.
Pay very close attention, then implement what you learn!

John Roddy

Paul aka ‘Chief’ will take your little product idea you’ve been thinking about starting for years and turn it into a real ‘Reality’…taking your brand success to the next level! No. B.S. No Fluff. Just Brand It!

Kwan Mun

If you can handle the truth, be here in this community. Paul tells it as it’s, no fluff and no B.S. No kid gloves here, your feelings will be hurt and no rushing back to mommy. He’s as tough as it comes. In the end, what’s important is you become better, and you will make a better business. I’m gathering funds so I can go all in, just stop listening to the bs out there. Here’s the real deal, and you get to create a real business with his expertise.

Jason Roberts

Paul is part Yoda (but taller) and part Hans Solo. He tells it like it is, how to take action and simplifies a complicated but critical part of being in business, branding. The best part is I actually believe he wants everyone to do better, succeed more and brand the sh!t out of life. If you feel the need to succeed Paul can get you there! I would highly recommend his services.


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