Copy This Word For Word To Gain Massive Brand Traffic

October 5, 2019 theboss
You can literally copy this word for word to gain massive traffic!

You struggle or get pissed off trying to get traffic, sales, trust, connection and all that jazz right?




SIMPLY copy this idea for what-ever your niche is. If its camping it could be below as an example.

‘The Ultimate Survival Tricks By The Worlds Leading Hikers”

The point is if you understand the customer you’ll know what they want




1. FREE with X product [promotion]


2. FREE Download from a Advert


3. FREE gift to your email list


4. FREE giveaway in association with another company aligned to your niche


5. A physical copy your print out and send to customers personal HOME address [yes old school]


6. FREE physical copy giveaway at an event where you show off the brand at a stall.


7. A downloadable PDF in the files section of your brands customer VIP group

I created this ebook back in 2013 and if my mind recalls properly if generated circa 1700 new email address and circa 80-90k of new sales from NEW customers.


Being a cool brand is about creativity, building relationships and being there for the consumers needs.

Honestly what i’ve said above is pure gold so fucking do something with it!

Yes, i just blew my own trumpet. I do that cause i want you to use this shit and start achieving the success you want.

Scare yourself.

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