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Great business and brand names are not easy to find, but luckily for you Just Brand It have cool and catchy business names and brands for you to buy; However for those of you that want to develop you own creative unique business name we have a guide to help you.

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Our Business And Brand Name Suggestions

You’ve started the journey to naming your new business and you want a cool brand to match your ideas, right?

At Just Brand It we have a large selection of the best business names, a selection of brands to buy off the shelf and business domains ready to go. All domains are .com and whether you buy a brand or business name they come with a professionally designed logo.

They say you cannot start a business without coming up with a name first, I disagree.

Firstly think of who your customers will be, then look at what brands they follow today and then match the name of your business to the audience and market.

Sounds complex? It’s not, but we know choosing a company name can be stressful so we have a guide to help you through this.

At Just Brand It we choose names based on over 20 hours of research into the market, so there is no randomness to how we pick a name for a business. Our intention is to create a cool, catchy and unique brand name that resonates with the specific audience we target.

Catchy names will help you grow, because these catchy names everyone remembers very well. Also they lend themselves to iconic brand logos.

Whatever your brand market, sports and outdoors brand, baby brand, pet brand, supplement brand , organic brand, CBD brand, tech brand, coaching business you business name needs to be unique.

5 Tips For A Cool Creative Brand Name For A Company

1. Use names

A prime example of this is founder Paul has used the names of his children to make a unique and cool fashion domain tiario .com. Try using first names, middle names, nicknames and surnames and mixing them up to get brand name ideas.

2. Make up those names

What does Google mean? What does Starbucks mean? Exactly it just felt right at the time of naming the business. Just like the best companies around today you can literally just make up a business name.

3. Combos

Facebook is probably the best example for a combination company name. The fitness phenomenon Bodypump is another great example of a great combination to create a unique business name. In the CBD market you have Cannuka. The list goes on just have fun with it.

4. Spell it wrong

We high five this idea at Just Brand It. Here’s a few examples of miss-spelled business names we have ready to buy on Just Brand It; Highkor .com, HSLAR .com. These brand names trigger a response in the viewer so they understand the market you serve straight away, plus it’s fun!

5. Keyword driven business names

Forget about all the creativity and go for a obvious name like, Just Brand It obviously!

Say what it does on the tin. Think Burger King, they are the king of burgers. I think that’s enough said on this. You have the tools now to create a creative business name.

Whatever strategy you choose for your branding, your name should reflect what your business does. Consider your business and the demographic you are serving and weave out the perfect name for your brand.

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Let us help you create your brand name and logo

Premium Name for Business

Premium Name for Business

If you need a company name, then business names that justbrandit lists for you have been carefully selected based on their merits. By browsing our marketplace you can generate free business name ideas. Every company wants to stand out and be unique, and a good business name can communicate a particular company’s vision, experience and industry expertise to the consumers. If you wish to make your brand a household name, you have to pick a name that is memorable and industry specific. justbrandit’s resource page will help you learn about how to choose the right business name and why it certain names work better than others. We can also suggest business name from you given keywords or give you the best suggestions naming your business.

If you want to create some international business name I would suggest you use some english words, because english words somehow will sound cooler than using your local terms. You can use or random business name generator to generate unique names for your business. Our business names can be used fo everything so lets go to our marketplace and starting choosing your new brand firm name for your startup business.


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