Brand It Like Bentley Golf, Yes Bentley Golf!

March 7, 2019 theboss

$20,000 for a set of clubs? Or a cheaper set at $550 a club. What can you learn from Bentley the luxury car brand?

What do Bentley know?

Bentley know that more than 7-% of their car owners play golf. So what did Bentley do?

You guessed it, they started [around 3 years ago] their own high-end golf club and accessories.

Golfers everywhere will be saying? How good are the clubs? How far do they go? How do they compare to my average clubs?

Bentley owners, well they don’t care as they are Bentley clubs. And that is what you call brand.

So Bentley have released this carbon black set and it will set you back just $20,000 for a full set with bag. Steep price right?

No it’s actually really cheap compared to Honma that offered a gold plated set at retail for $75,000.

Now Bentley don’t stop there they are also conscious that their car owners are golf novices and higher handicaps so they released the Bentley BC2 irons that are hand-forged in Ichikawa, Japan from ultra-premium mild carbon steel [those works get golfers so excited – no one knows what they mean but they are bait for golfers]



These NEW Bentley Bc2 Irons retail for $3850 for a set of seven irons.

Now if you are not a golfer this could start to get very boring. Actually not get, but is very boring.


Learn to be more Bentley by listening to your audience. learn their habit , the questions they ask at purchase, find out their hobbies, where they hang out, who inspires them. I could make list upon lists about this.

Why? Because when they love your brand and you know what they want you can sell them anything.

“Selling to an existing customer is 1000 times easier than selling to someone who doesn’t know you” – Paul Booth

Be more Bentley

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